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The Montreal Lawyers service of the Cormier Simard firm makes it possible for you to speak directly to a lawyer 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Call 1-800-216-5029 or use the LiveChat.

Our firm groups attorneys practising law in most fields: criminal law, immigration law, civil law, family law, business law, labour law, construction law, challenging tickets and other fields.

Why did we create Montreal Lawyer? The fact is that people needing a lawyer are often in an emergency. They wish to quickly have the opinion of a lawyer. Our service is an innovation because it makes it possible for you to speak directly to a lawyer located in Montreal, who can provide you with immediate advice by phone or on line. He will then refer you, if necessary, for a consultation with himself or another lawyer practising in the appropriate field of law.

Montreal civil lawyer

Jean-Daniel Cousineau, Litigation, Commercial and Civil lawyer
Jean-Daniel Cousineau, Litigation, Commercial and Civil lawyer

Civil law governs the relationship between persons. Recourse to a civil lawyer occurs in all sorts of situations of civil litigation: this litigation may concern failure to respect a contract, damages involving third party liability, neighbourhood trouble, damages caused by actions performed in bad faith or the incompetence of a person, personal injury, etc.

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You can speak immediately to a Montreal civil lawyer by calling us at 1-800-216-5029

Montreal criminal lawyer | Talk Directly to a Lawyer!

Luc Simard, Criminal Lawyer

If you are charged with committing a criminal offence, Montreal Lawyer 24 hours will put you in direct contact with one of the lawyers of the Cormier Simard firm. This telephone or online consultation will take place immediately.

Xavier Cormier, Criminal Lawyer

The lawyers of the Cormier Simard firm practise criminal law in the Montreal area and elsewhere. They can help you with charges of assault, shoplifting, sexual assault, drugs, fraud, impaired driving, weapon possession, death threats, stalking, and many others.

Tax/GST/QST lawyers in Montreal | Revenu Québec and Revenu Canada

Why do business with the taxation, GST and QST lawyers of Montreal firm?

There are many criminal lawyers out there; however, very few lawyers on the market have acquired experience in criminal and tax law, whether as prosecutors or defence lawyers. Here we have former prosecutors who have worked for Revenu Québec and former Crown prosecutors. This is a major asset. It is important to understand that even in criminal law, the main tax fraud cases are taxation issues as well as criminal issues. This is why it is important to have a multidisciplinary approach when developing a defence. Our Montreal lawyers can reset the balance in your favour in criminal tax law, by casting doubt on your liability, as well as the supposedly avoided sums of money or their taxable status.

Income tax act and taxation offences

The Canadian Income Tax Act, the Quebec Taxation Act, an Act respecting the ministère du Revenu and other tax acts provide sentences and fines for those who infringe on their provisions. Continue reading Tax/GST/QST lawyers in Montreal | Revenu Québec and Revenu Canada

Montreal family lawyers | Online Chat & Hotline

Montreal Family Lawyers
Montreal Family Lawyers

Our family lawyers can represent you in your struggle to have your rights respected in a family law litigation in Montreal. Whether it is a separation, a divorce, a child custody problem or alimony, financial and emotional stakes are often significant. It is better to consult a family lawyer before making a decision that can have unexpected consequences on your rights.

You can directly reach a lawyer from our service, with no commitment required on your part except a reasonable consultation fee. Call our Montreal line at 1-800-216-5029

Veronica Vallelonga, our family and divorce lawyer, will answer all legal questions pertaining to your case. See also options about online divorce.

Immigration Lawyer Montreal| Sponsorship, permanent residence, asylum, study permits and removal orders

Canadian PassportFor any issue involving immigration, you will be put in touch with immigration lawyer Laurent Gryner whose office is located in the Old Montreal. He deals with sponsorship applications, permanent residence, study permits as well as removal orders.

The firm of Mr Gryner helps foreign nationals in Canada or anywhere else in the world benefit from his expertise and vast experience in order to facilitate their establishment and integration into Canadian society. This is a help one can harldy do without considering the harsh stance the Federal Government has toward various immigration procedures.

Mr Gryner’s team of immigration lawyers will take care of all the necessary procedures so that you can stay in Canada regardless of your status or the complexity of your case.

Call us at any time at 1-800-216-5029

Ticket lawyer in Montreal | Never plea guilty to your traffic tickets!

Veronica Vallelonga, ticket lawyer in Montreal
Veronica Vallelonga, ticket lawyer in Montreal

Veronica Vallelonga is a pro-active Montreal lawyer who has acquired substantial experience in the field of challenging speeding tickets and traffic tickets. No matter what offence in the Highway Code you are charged with, Madam Vallelonga will provide you with appropriate advice on the way of avoiding the consequences and your chances of succeeding. A consultation at her Montreal office or a phone call with him can quickly be organized to discuss with Madam Vallelonga about the way to challenge your tickets.

We take care of you right from the beginning of the legal procedures, which spares you the difficult administrative chores of having to prepare your own defence. This is not to mention the time spent getting familiar with the Highway Safety Code and related jurisprudence;

A personalized consultation with one of our lawyers who can negotiate for you or challenge one or all of your fines;

Compilation and search for precedents and court decisions that are favourable to you apart from factual research;

A request to the prosecuting party to divulge the evidence, such as the police report, the abridged report and an analysis of these documents in order to detect flaws that can make possible an acquittal or reduction of a sentence;

A study of your ticket and an analysis of the abridged report as well as the evidence carried out by one or several of the expert lawyers specialized in law and challenging tickets; Continue reading Ticket lawyer in Montreal | Never plea guilty to your traffic tickets!

Montreal labour lawyer | Carmen Poulin

Carmen Poulin, Montreal Labour Lawyer
Carmen Poulin, Montreal Labour Lawyer

Mrs. Carmen Poulin is a lawyer with 36 years of experience in labour
law, labour relations and occupational injuries. She has an MA in labour
law from the Université de Montréal, but she defends exclusively the
interests of employers. In other words, she is the first lawyer an
employer should resort to in case of a conflict with an employee.

When litigation occurs between an employee and the employer, our
Montreal labour lawyers can provide valuable assistance.  The legal
solution often depends on the nature of the conflict: it may involve an
employment agreement or a work contract, firing or layoffs,
psychological harassment, an occupational injury, a breach of labour
standards, a non-competition clause or a non-solicitation clause. Continue reading Montreal labour lawyer | Carmen Poulin

Montreal business lawyer

Business LawyersOur Montreal business lawyers deal with every aspect of a corporation, from its creation to its dissolution. Businesses have various needs ranging from internal issues (corporate management, employee relations, trade secrets) to external ones (relationships with suppliers or clients, current account and capital financing). The following is a partial list of the services that can be provided by a corporate and business lawyer:

-Business incorporation
-Corporate follow-up: resolutions, annual updates
-Various contract drafting: service contracts, shareholders’ agreement, commercial leases, employment contracts, rental contracts, etc.
-Transactions: share sales and purchases, corporate dissolution, service offers
-Real property security law and mortgages

Contact us to discuss your business law needs with a Montreal lawyer.

Montreal Construction Lawyer | 514-377-7168

Call our construction lawyer now!
Speak directly to our construction lawyer
Our Construction lawyers provide a wide range of legal services for all construction players in Montreal. We can help you benefit from practical, rapid and inexpensive legal counsel if you are new in the field or an experienced group of seasoned experts.

More specifically, our construction lawyers deal with:
-construction litigation and professional liability;
-termination of contracts for work carried out;
-legal hypothec of construction (privileges);
-contract negotiation, mediation, arbitration and interpretation;
-representation before the RBQ, claims / fines with CSST and C.S.Q.;
-commercial leases and condos, incorporation, REQ, annual bookkeeping, dissolution, mergers, purchase / sale of companies, partnerships, financing, etc.

Montreal Construction: a Challenging Field

There are many challenges for businessmen in the construction field: rugged competition, complicated regulations, civil liability, the risk of bankruptcy and insolvency, and hungry tax authorities.
These increasingly complex challenges require multi-skilled consultants. Our law firm has this expertise. We are not only construction barristers, but also business consultants. And in business, it is essential to have access to prompt and efficient advice. It is extremely preferable to find practical solutions rather than costly litigation. Nevertheless, if litigation can not be avoided, our attorneys will fight tooth and nail to make your rights prevail.
Our construction lawyers represent individuals as well as small and large Montreal businesses, subcontractors and suppliers. Our clients include architects, engineers, landlords and real estate developers in all fields in the venue involved.

Contact a Montreal construction lawyer to discuss your situation.

Veronica Vallelonga, Lawyer

Veronica Vallelonga is the latest addition to our team of lawyers. Fierce negociator and excellent litigator, she helps clients in need of a criminal lawyer or a family lawyer. She has demonstrated a talent to get the results she’s hired for.

Originaly from Montreal, Madame Vallelonga completed her law degree in Quebec city. She speaks fluently English, Italian and French.

Madam Vallelonga is often available to chat online or can be reached at 1-800-216-5029.

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Christos Karteris, Lawyer

Mr Christos Karteris is strictly a criminal lawyer. He deals with cases in the Montreal and neighbouring districts.

Mr Karteris began his career as a defence lawyer for a large Old Montreal law firm. He then went out on his own and hung a shingle on Saint-Jacques Street. He collaborates regularly with the lawyers of Montreal Lawyer.

Luc Simard, Lawyer

Before founding the Cormier Simard law firm, Mr Luc Simard practised law as a Prosecutor for the City of Montreal. He then joined the firm of a well-established Montreal lawyer, where he practised criminal law in often complex and pubicly broadcast cases. Finally, he joined Mr Xavier Cormier to found the Cormier Simard law firm. For further information about Mr Simard’s criminal law practice please call us

Rosa Vaccaro, Lawyer

Rosa Vaccaro, lawyer
Rosa Vaccaro, lawyer
Ms. Rosa Vaccaro is a Montreal lawyer with over 15 years of experience. She is also a certified mediator with the Bar of the Province of Quebec in civil, commercial and business law matters.

In order to avoid resorting to the courts, you can opt for mediation and use the services of Ms. Vaccaro so she may guide you towards settlement of your conflict. She can help you come to an agreement that will satisfy the parties and adequately inform you of your rights. Mediation is a means of conflict settlement including many advantages for those who resort to it.

The office of Ms. Rosa Riolo Vaccaro is located at 240 Saint-Jacques Street, suite 700 in Old Montreal. You can phone her at (514)284-3229 and fax her at (514)284-1313.

Laurent Morin, Lawyer

Laurent Morin, Montreal Lawyer
Lawyer Laurent Morin has two qualities that are a sign of his exceptional character: his efforts are thorough and constant. From the beginning of his career within our Montreal firm up to now, the results he reached have impressed the senior partners. His interviews with clients are detailed, his legal research goes into depth, his negotiations with prosecutors are well prepared and his pleas in court are eloquent. He is one of those lawyers who do everything for their clients out of a sense of duty, not just because it is part of a job. Mr Morin graduated from the Université de Montréal.

He first gained experience with a lawyer who was specialized in appeals before being a trainee within a firm with a general practice. He works with us on many cases.

Xavier Cormier, lawyer

Xavier Cormier, Lawyer
Xavier Cormier, Lawyer
Mr Xavier Cormier is a criminal lawyer who practices law in the Montreal area and elsewhere in the province. Before founding the Cormier Simard criminal law firm, Mr Cormier was in turn the substitute for the Attorney General, a judicial affairs consultant for the United Nations and a human rights consultant for the International Committee of the Red Cross. For further information about the criminal law practice of Mr Cormier, please click on his link.

Mr Cormier can be reached at any time by phoning (514) 377-7168

Montreal legal aid lawyer | 1-800-216-5029 ext 2

Call our legal aid lawyer
Call our legal aid lawyer
If your income is below the eligible maximum, legal aid can pay for your fees for a Montreal lawyer. Lawyer Veronica Vallelonga can answer your questions.

According to the Legal Services Commission, you can receive free legal aid if you meet the following criteria:
Your annual income – including all forms of income: social security benefits, salary, tips…
Your family situation – spouse, dependent children

Your liquidities– savings, investments…

The value of your assets – house, RRSPs etc.
The legal aid eligibility criteria are:
Gross annual income (2012):
Single person $ 13,353

Adult + 1 child $16,335

Adult + 2 or more children $ 17,439

Spouse $ 18,582

Spouse + 1 child $ 20,791

Spouse + 2 or more children $ 21,895

If you wish to determine if you are eligible to legal aid, you can only find out at the legal aid office nearest you.
There is also legal aid with a contribution, that is with the financial contribution of the beneficiary.

Contact us 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to speak to one of our lawyers. As soon as you are on line, please mention it is a legal aid case in order to be transferred to the right lawyer.

Carlos Bolivar, lawyer

Carlos Bolivar, lawyerCarlos Bolivar is a lawyer with the firm of Cormier Simard. Mr Bolivar speaks Spanish, English and French. He graduated from the Université de Montréal and was highly involved in social issues during his studies, especially in the Criminal Law Committee. While completing his BA, he acquired experience in customer service through his work for large Montreal-based corporations.

His art of persuasion make him stand out during any negotiation. He has a passion for criminal law and does not hesitate to develop all possible legal scenarios that can lead to acquitting clients. Mr Bolivar often appeals to arguments based on violationns of his clients’ constitutional rights, for instance arbitrary detention, illegal seizure or violation of the right to counsel.

Mr Bolivar’s legal services are particularly appreciated within the Latino community in Montreal because he is fluent in Spanish.