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Luc Simard, Criminal Lawyer

If you are charged with committing a criminal offence, Montreal Lawyer 24 hours will put you in direct contact with one of the lawyers of the Cormier Simard firm. This telephone or online consultation will take place immediately.

Xavier Cormier, Criminal Lawyer

The lawyers of the Cormier Simard firm practise criminal law in the Montreal area and elsewhere. They can help you with charges of assault, shoplifting, sexual assault, drugs, fraud, impaired driving, weapon possession, death threats, stalking, and many others.

Veronica Vallelonga, Lawyer

Veronica Vallelonga is the latest addition to our team of lawyers. Fierce negociator and excellent litigator, she helps clients in need of a criminal lawyer or a family lawyer. She has demonstrated a talent to get the results she’s hired for.

Originaly from Montreal, Madame Vallelonga completed her law degree in Quebec city. She speaks fluently English, Italian and French.

Madam Vallelonga is often available to chat online or can be reached at 1-800-216-5029.

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Christos Karteris, Lawyer

Mr Christos Karteris is strictly a criminal lawyer. He deals with cases in the Montreal and neighbouring districts.

Mr Karteris began his career as a defence lawyer for a large Old Montreal law firm. He then went out on his own and hung a shingle on Saint-Jacques Street. He collaborates regularly with the lawyers of Montreal Lawyer.

Luc Simard, Lawyer

Before founding the Cormier Simard law firm, Mr Luc Simard practised law as a Prosecutor for the City of Montreal. He then joined the firm of a well-established Montreal lawyer, where he practised criminal law in often complex and pubicly broadcast cases. Finally, he joined Mr Xavier Cormier to found the Cormier Simard law firm. For further information about Mr Simard’s criminal law practice please call us

Laurent Morin, Lawyer

Laurent Morin, Montreal Lawyer
Lawyer Laurent Morin has two qualities that are a sign of his exceptional character: his efforts are thorough and constant. From the beginning of his career within our Montreal firm up to now, the results he reached have impressed the senior partners. His interviews with clients are detailed, his legal research goes into depth, his negotiations with prosecutors are well prepared and his pleas in court are eloquent. He is one of those lawyers who do everything for their clients out of a sense of duty, not just because it is part of a job. Mr Morin graduated from the Université de Montréal.

He first gained experience with a lawyer who was specialized in appeals before being a trainee within a firm with a general practice. He works with us on many cases.

Xavier Cormier, lawyer

Xavier Cormier, Lawyer
Xavier Cormier, Lawyer
Mr Xavier Cormier is a criminal lawyer who practices law in the Montreal area and elsewhere in the province. Before founding the Cormier Simard criminal law firm, Mr Cormier was in turn the substitute for the Attorney General, a judicial affairs consultant for the United Nations and a human rights consultant for the International Committee of the Red Cross. For further information about the criminal law practice of Mr Cormier, please click on his link.

Mr Cormier can be reached at any time by phoning (514) 377-7168

Carlos Bolivar, lawyer

Carlos Bolivar, lawyerCarlos Bolivar is a lawyer with the firm of Cormier Simard. Mr Bolivar speaks Spanish, English and French. He graduated from the Université de Montréal and was highly involved in social issues during his studies, especially in the Criminal Law Committee. While completing his BA, he acquired experience in customer service through his work for large Montreal-based corporations.

His art of persuasion make him stand out during any negotiation. He has a passion for criminal law and does not hesitate to develop all possible legal scenarios that can lead to acquitting clients. Mr Bolivar often appeals to arguments based on violationns of his clients’ constitutional rights, for instance arbitrary detention, illegal seizure or violation of the right to counsel.

Mr Bolivar’s legal services are particularly appreciated within the Latino community in Montreal because he is fluent in Spanish.