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Call our legal aid lawyer
Call our legal aid lawyer
If your income is below the eligible maximum, legal aid can pay for your fees for a Montreal lawyer. Lawyer Veronica Vallelonga can answer your questions.

According to the Legal Services Commission, you can receive free legal aid if you meet the following criteria:
Your annual income – including all forms of income: social security benefits, salary, tips…
Your family situation – spouse, dependent children

Your liquidities– savings, investments…

The value of your assets – house, RRSPs etc.
The legal aid eligibility criteria are:
Gross annual income (2012):
Single person $ 13,353

Adult + 1 child $16,335

Adult + 2 or more children $ 17,439

Spouse $ 18,582

Spouse + 1 child $ 20,791

Spouse + 2 or more children $ 21,895

If you wish to determine if you are eligible to legal aid, you can only find out at the legal aid office nearest you.
There is also legal aid with a contribution, that is with the financial contribution of the beneficiary.

Contact us 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to speak to one of our lawyers. As soon as you are on line, please mention it is a legal aid case in order to be transferred to the right lawyer.