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Veronica Vallelonga, ticket lawyer in Montreal

Veronica Vallelonga, ticket lawyer in Montreal

Veronica Vallelonga is a pro-active Montreal lawyer who has acquired substantial experience in the field of challenging speeding tickets and traffic tickets. No matter what offence in the Highway Code you are charged with, Madam Vallelonga will provide you with appropriate advice on the way of avoiding the consequences and your chances of succeeding. A consultation at her Montreal office or a phone call with him can quickly be organized to discuss with Madam Vallelonga about the way to challenge your tickets.

Madam Vallelonga is an apt negociator, using her skills to obtain a favorable outcome for her client. When you have demerit points, or if you loose your driver license and need to get it back, she can help you.

If you wish to be acquitted of the offence on your ticket or to negotiate with the Prosecutor in order to lessen the penalty (for example, loss of points or of your driver’s license), it is highly recommended you contact a lawyer.

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